TEDxBergen 2014

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October 4th, 2014


9 am ~ 5 pm


Aula, NHH

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences under the slogan "ideas worth spreading".

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxBergen, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxBergen event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.


This TEDx event is organized for the fifth time, previously under the names TEDxNHH and then TEDxBergen.
We are now taking it across the borders!

Every year we are organizing TEDx conference at NHH. Previous TEDxNHH and TEDxBergen events were tremendous successes with excellent feedback from the attendees. TEDxNHH 2010 was the first independently organized TED conference in Norway. Last year, TEDxBergen 2013 gathered more than 350 attendees from NHH, UiB, NKH as well as business community and general public.

This Fall we are organizing an even more exciting conference: TEDxBergen "Across the Borders", with renowned speakers from all over the world, talking about their most innovative ideas and inspiring the audience.

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TEDxBergen 2014 Speakers

Confirmed speakers for this year

Look at those who will share the stage at TEDxBergen 2014

Pellegrino Riccardi

Pellegrino Riccardi, Cross Cultural Expert
Watch his speech at Forskningsrådets Næringslivsdag 2011

Pellegrino comes form both an English and an Italian background, and is currently living in Norway. For the past 27 years he has travelled around the world and interacted with countless different cultures, nationalities and people-types. His work philosophy is to work with what you enjoy and what you are passionate about, what you believe you can excel in and are prepared to work hard to be excellent at, and only work with what can bring about positive change in yourself and in other people.

Romain Quidant

Romain Quidant, scientist and inventor

Romain is the leader of the Plasmon Nano-Optics group at ICFO (Barcelona), where he studies the interaction between nanoparticles and light. At less than 40, he is acknowledged as one of the world leaders of his field and has published several of his contributions in the best known scientific journals including Science and Nature. Romain has recently come into the public light after leading the invention of a Nanochip capable to detect cancer in a cheap, fast and versatile way. He will explain us how his research could improve our life quality in a not so distant future. He was granted the 2012 ICO prize by the International Commission for Optics for his overall contribution to light science.

Sergey Medvedev

Sergey Medvedev

Sergey is a professor of politics at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, a popular TV and radio host, and a columnist for Russian Forbes magazine. He writes on issues of Russian society and identity, and examines practices of everyday life. He also leads an international education project "Escapes from Modernity", taking students to remote locations across the world to discuss critical issues of the Modern civilization.

Odd Moe

Odd Moe

Odd is a mentor, angel investor and passionate entrepreneurial lobbyist, based in Oslo. He is also the founder of Gründernes Hus (The Entrepreneur’s House), which is a business incubator and co-working space for individual entrepreneurs, young companies, service providers and investors. As the host of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Norway, he has a central role in the startup community both in Norway and internationally. He has also been cofounder of such great projects as Seed Forum International and Startup Weekend Norway. Seed Forum, being present in more than 40 countries around the world, is mainly aimed at improving the chances of startup companies to get early stage financing and enlarge the scale of operations. Startup Weekend is an intense “hands on” workshop aimed at starting up new companies in 54 hours combined with efficient teambuilding training and continuous mentorship.

Christer Vindeløv-Lidzélius

Christer Vindeløv-Lidzélius, principal of a business & design school

Christer is the principal of Kaospilots, a hybrid business and design school, multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. The school centers on students’ potential to do good and to do well – tapping into their creativity, giving it a direction, creating a setting that will get them there and navigate the uncertainties that will follow. Founded in 1991 the school grew out of the cultural and social youth organization "the Frontrunners" in response to the emerging need for a new type of education to better help young people navigate the changing reality. Christer will tell us about the philosophy of the school and why it is so successful. BusinessWeek has recognized The Kaospilots as one of the best design schools in the world, and Fast Company has named it in its Startup Leagues Big 10, preparing you for the fast moving startup economy.

Linn Søvig

Linn Søvig, communications consultant

Linn has a masters degree form the University of Bergen, and is currently working as a freelance communications consultant. She is passionate about games, communication, technological inventions and coffee. She says "I have a love for new technology and adventurous inventions. I have been an observer and commentator of online culture for years. I'm currently very involved with and enthusiastic about computer games." She is a project leader and board member for Spillmakerlauget (the Center for game Development in Norway) and has participated in several fun and interesting projects such as "The world peace game" in Bergen. She has been a guest lecturer, and a lecturer with Storytelling and Games.

TEDxBergen 2013 Speakers

Look at the speakers from last year

TEDxBergen brought together bright and inspiring speakers, in the hopes of overwhelming our audience with talent and life-changing ideas.

Mads Nordmo

Mads Nordmo, Clinical psychologist
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen 2013

Mads Nordmo is a clinical psychologist from UiB. His research revolves around cognition and decision-making, especially implicit cognition. In spring of 2012 he filled in as lecturer in the bachelors course in psychology and leadership at NHH and has been awarded “Bronsesvampen”, the NHH students award for outstanding lecturer, for the course. Mads invites us to look beyond a transactional view of human behavior, as he explains how moral psychology and existential psychology may be instrumental in understanding how and why movements arise.

Max Gouchan

Max Gouchan, Founder and CEO of ClickLift AS
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen 2013

Max believes that one can acquire success through entrepreneurship and that education is not necessary the right way for everyone. After dropping out of high school and starting a supply company to the petroleum sector, Max has become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Norway.

Peter Sheppard Skærved

Peter Sheppard Skærved, British violinist
Watch him at TEDxBergen 2013

Peter has won awards from the BBC Music Magazine, been nominated for a Gramophone Award, as well as a GRAMMY for a concerto recording in 2007. He is the founder and leader of the Kreutzer Quartet and the Munich-based Ensemble Triolog. Peter plays on a 1698 Stradivari owned by Joseph Joachim from the collections of the Royal Academy of Music, where he is the Fellow of Performance Studies.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Founder and CEO of WeWantToKnow
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen

Jean-Baptiste is a creator of the award winning educational algebra game DragonBox. His company WeWantToKnow maintains the audacious goal of delivering K-12 mathematics knowledge to any child in 30 hours of gameplay. With WeWantToKnow, Huynh combines his passion for entrepreneurship, applied mathematics and social impact.

Sverre Haugen

Sverre Haugen, Country Manager at NovaAgentum
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen 2013

Sverre is the Country Manager of NovaAgentum, a company that facilitates networking between skilled students from different fields of study and geographical locations. He will share perspectives on what’s needed for a network to function, and what you can do as an individual to build and maintain your personal network.
(Photo: Christian Werner Skovly, Rotor)

Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper, Founder and Managing Director of Leadership Foundation
Watch her speech at TEDxBergen 2013

Lisa has a passion for diversity and in 2008 she founded Leadership Foundation with the goal of building a business focused on implementing diversity through projects, consulting and research. Lisa has her educational background in marketing from Pennsylvania State University and has an MBA in international marketing from BI Norwegian Business School.

Tor Wallin Andreassen

Tor Wallin Andreassen, Leader of Center for Service Innovation
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen 2013

He is the founder and director of Service Forum, the founder of The Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Barometer at the Norwegian School of Management, and the founder of the annual Professor Johan Arndt Marketing Conference. He is an acclaimed academic who has received awards for several of his articles. At TEDxBergen Professor Andreassen will be talking about the rapidly growing phenomena of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). He considers it to be a so called disruptive innovation – an innovation that has the potential to shock the established players of a sector.

Jean Fan

Jean Fan, Director of Community at UnCollege
Watch her speech at TEDxBergen 2013

UnCollege is an organization that helps people take control of their education through its flagship Gap Year program. Jean is currently taking time off from Stanford University to work, learn and travel. She believes that all students should take a year off from school. This year isn't for watching TV and taking a break from learning. Instead, it's a time for students to learn on their own, gain a real-world perspective, and reflect on what they've done and what they want to do. By taking a gap year, students can make sure they're building a life they will want to lead.

Jerry Mintz

Jerry Mintz, CEO and founder of Alternative Education Resource Organization
Watch his speech at TEDxBergen 2013

Jerry has been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years. In 1989, he founded the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) and since then has served as its Director. AERO's mission is to help connect individuals and groups and share ideas related to learner-centered education. Jerry will address the questions of why is a learner-centered approach crucial for education and what is fundamentally wrong with the paradigm of human learning underpinning traditional education.

Kristian Krohn Djurhuus

Kristian Krohn Djurhuus, Industry Manager at Google Denmark

Kristian is the Industry Manager for Automotive and Entertainment at Google Denmark, having been affiliated to the world’s most desired employer for more than 8 years. He owns a profound expertise in search engine marketing and online advertising and, hence, will be sharing his view about contemporary traits of the IT-industry, importance of moon shots and prospective vision on open access to information and learning.

Speakers from previous years

those who inspire

Look at the videos of some of the most inspiring speakers from previous years.

Lasse Birk Olesen

Lasse Birk Olesen, Founder of BitcoinNordic
Watch his speech at TEDxNHH 2012

Lasse believes that technological innovation is more important to how society develops than political agitation. He has been volunteering with the seasteading movement since 2009 and now makes a living dealing in bitcoins, a new revolutionary internet currency, through his company Bitcoin Nordic. Lasse has an educational background in mechanical engineering from Technical University of Denmark and National University of Singapore. (Photo: Johanne Fick)

Silje Endersen Reme

Silje Endersen Reme, Psychologist at Uni Helse
Watch her speech at TEDxNHH 2012

Silje talks about the common phenomenon of back pain: why some people develop chronic pain and disability while others don't, and what psychology has to do with it. Silje is a PhD. from Uni Health, Uni Research, Bergen & Harvard School of Public Health, Boston.

Mai-Li Hammargren

Mai-Li Hammargren, Founder & CEO of Mutewatch
Watch her speech at TEDxNHH 2011

Mai-Li is the founder and CEO of the Swedish company Mutewatch AB. The Mutewatch is one of the few lifestyle products that has been accepted by premium stores such as Colette in Paris, Lane Craford in Hong Kong and NK in Stockholm even before the final product has launched. Nearly 10 000 pieces have been sold and Mai-Li was named one of the 101 Super Talents in Sweden in 2010 by Veckans Affärer. Hammargren holds an education from Stockholm School of Economics, and a double degree in international management from University of St Gallen and London School of Economics.

Nick Stanhope

Nick Stanhope, CEO at Historypin
Watch his speech at TEDxNHH 2010

Nick shares with the audience his project - Historypin, which has been developed by We Are What We Do, in partnership with Google. Historypin is a way for millions of people to come together from across different generations, cultures and places, to share small glimpses of the past and to build up the huge story of human history through a well-known medium - picture.

Louis Palmer

Louis Palmer, Environmental Adventurer and a Solar Pioneer
Watch his speech at TEDxNHH 2010

In 2008, Louis Palmer made world history as the first man who has ever circumnavigated the world with a car powered by renewable energy. This tour showed: solutions against Global Warming are available, affordable and ready. With his powerful message, he reached more than 700 mil. people all over the world. In 2010, he took things further...


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