2019 marks the tenth anniversary of TEDxBergen! With the community of Western Norway, we're thrilled to celebrate these concepts worth sharing once again this year under the topic, "Unbreakable, Overcoming Obstacles."


  • Natalia Sergievskaya
  • Viktor Vahshtein
  • Alexander Sholohov
  • Evgeniy Plaksenkov
  • Alexei Nalogin
  • Anastasia Mitushina
  • Alexander Klimov
  • Anna Gor
  • Alexander Filippov
  • Natalia Tolstaya

2019 Prompt

How does one continue to be resilient in a world that is becoming more complicated and fragile? One must constantly be ready for the worst while also thinking and acting for the best in order to build and elevate both the communities and themselves. Being unbreakable is not letting external influences deter you from pursuing your passions no matter the circumstances. The 2019 TEDxBergen team has been excited to present 'Unbreakable: Overcoming Obstacles,' a series of unbiased presentations on overcoming the apparently insurmountable, on the 10th anniversary of TEDx.

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible! Go to the official TEDxBergen website to keep up with the latest information.

Defining TED and TEDx

A worldwide series of conferences known as TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) operate under the motto "ideas worth sharing."

TED has established a program called TEDx with the intention of disseminating worthwhile ideas. Local, independently organized gatherings called "TEDx" bring people together to have a TED-like experience. TEDxBergen is the name of this event, where x stands for an independently organized TED event. General guidelines for the TEDx program are provided by the TED Conference, but individual TEDx events, like TEDxBergen, are self-organized. TEDTalks video and live performances from speakers are blended at TEDxBergen to elicit in-depth conversation among attendees. One the most most prominent themes of this year is the family unit and how divorce impacts nuclear families.

Program Information


An independently organized TED event


October 19, 2019


AULA, Norwegian School of Economics Bergen, Norway


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