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October 3rd, 2015


10 am ~ 4 pm


Aula, NHH

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of conferences under the slogan "ideas worth spreading".

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxBergen, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including TEDxBergen, are self-organized. At TEDxBergen TEDTalks video and live performances from speakers are combined to spark deep discussion among participants.

The (Im)possible Redefined

This TEDx event is organized for the third time. The conference has become increasingly popular over the years and the number of attendees has grown significantly, reaching 368 attendees in 2014.

This year on October 3rd we will host the TEDxBergen conference under the topic "The (Im)possible redefined". This topic addresses the human tendency of creating boundaries in our heads, which are shaped by what we know and what we can imagine. These boundaries are what we believe is "possible". This topic addresses not only the boundaries that are possible but, indirectly, impossible. With these thoughts we hope to create an inspiring TEDx event and to invite speakers that redefine the (im)possible throughout a broad variety of domains, such as science, nature, lifestyle and technology.

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TEDxBergen 2015 Speakers

Take a look at those who will share the stage this year.

Here you can see videos from TEDxBergen 2014


KUUK, Norwegian rap-duo

KUUK is a Norwegian rap-duo consisting of Ragna Solbergnes and Mira Berggrav Refsum. In 2014 they released their two first music videos, which received a lot of attention both in Norway and abroad due to their unconventional style. Their rap is both explosive and aggressive, in full-on confrontation with Norway’s male dominated hip-hop scene. The duo is going after the idea that women in the hip-hop scene are merely sex objects, shooting down taboos, and stereotypes along the way.


T-Michael, fashion designer
Visit his website Photo: Eskil Arntzen Hesselroth

T-Michael is a very unique fashion designer that has been experiencing a lot of success with elegant rain coats he designed for Norwegian Rain. He feels that rain makes people more creative. It has a tendency to usher people indoors, and this makes for a cohesive energy in the city that inspires a lot of art crossover. “If the weather is inhospitable, we might as well get together and be a little crazy!” he says. True, unadulterated beauty and craftsmanship go into each of T-Michael’s pieces, furthering the art and heritage of artisanal techniques of the past and redefining ready to wear styling of the present. T-Michael is said to blur the gap between bespoke tailoring and ready to wear by capturing the essence and ethos of traditional menswear in a present day zeitgeist. He is based in Bergen and is the “significant other” of award winning design label Norwegian Rain.

Dt John Barrett

Dr. John Barrett, Internet of Things Researcher, Nimbus Centre, Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland)

John Barrett is a Director of the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology where research focuses on real world applications of the Internet of Things. With a research background in embedded systems for harsh environment applications, he began developing smart objects for the IoT, embedding electronics in wet concrete, sports equipment, the human body and other interesting use environments. Through this he has become involved in communicating the potential and challenges of the IoT to a wide variety of audiences. He is particularly interested in how we can use the IoT to improve our lives and society rather than it just delivering even more tech gadgets for us to play with.

Cristopher Hoftun

Christopher Hoftun, Co-founder of the Mars Institute Norway and Principal Investigator for PlasMars, Zaptec & ESA

Christopher Hoftun co-founded the Mars Institute in Norway after he conducted a study of planetary drilling at the Mars Institute, at NASA Ames Research Center, California, USA. Mr. Hoftun is also the Principal Investigator for a new plasma drilling system under development (PLASMARS) by the Zaptec, Inc company and the European Space Agency (ESA). The plasma- drill that will enable deep subsurface access on asteroids, Mars and its moons for in-situ science investigation sampling and exploration. Drilling is anticipated to be an important activity in the future exploration of the Moon, Mars, and of small bodies, such as asteroids and the moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos. NASA and ESA have identified subsurface access as a significant science and exploration priority for planetary missions in the near-future, and are pursuing technologies necessary to enable such access. The PLASMARS project ́s purpose is to develop prototypes and field-test robotic plasma drilling technologies for missions to the Moon, asteroids, and Mars in the 2021-2025 time.

Mike Dongelmans

Mike Dongelmans, General Manager at Mud Jeans Skandinavia AS
Visit Mud Jeans website

"Mud Jeans" produce and sell sustainable everyday fashion made of environmentally friendly, organic (GOTS certified), or recycled cotton with the goal to change the fashion industry to become circular, sustainable and ethical. They offer a total sustainable concept that they hope will attract new customer groups and upgrade the fashion chain stores’ environmental profile as well as stimulate the garment industry in general to adopt a circular economy approach and ecological Fairtrade products.

Kristian Harby

Kristian Harby, Founder of PictureAid

Kristian Harby is the founder and leader of PictureAid, a movement that makes use of photography to not only communicate but also make an actual difference in the lives of those portrayed and the societies around them. The idea of PictureAid is that through meaningful and beautiful photography a new arena can be created for companies and individuals to decorate their naked walls, whilst allowing them to create a social improvement in the world. At the age of 25, Kristian Harby quit his job to devote all his time to the cause of creating photography that truly transforms the lives of the people portrayed. Under the motto “Capture the moment – give back and create a future” PictureAid have given support to over 50 children for their education in the form of school fees, materials, uniforms and nutrition, aiming to support a lot more children this way in the future.

Sanna Sarromaa

Sanna Sarromaa, blogger and columnist

Sanna Sarromaa is Finnish and has a home in Lillehammer and in Helsinki. She is a former researcher and liberal politician but she is still a feminist and a historian. She has a PhD in historical sociology and has worked more than ten years as a lecturer and researcher. Currently she works as a blogger and a columnist.

Reidun Dahl Schlanbusch

Reidun Dahl Schlanbusch, researcher and blogger

Reidun Dahl Schlanbusch, M.Sc. in nanomaterials for energy and the environment, is doing research on green buildings in the environment group at SINTEF Buildings and Infrastructure and in the Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB). Her work is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sector. She is also the founder of, and active blogger on the green technology website smallPrint.no.

Sunniva Rose

Sunniva Rose, physicist and blogger

Sunniva Johanne Rose is a Norwegian physicist and blogger. She is a PhD Candidate in nuclear- and energy physics at the University of Oslo where she researches the use of thorium in nuclear power plants. She holds a master's degree in physics and her current research focuses on how to reduce the amount of radioactive waste by 90 percent by combining thorium with highly enriched uranium.
Sunniva is known for her "girly, pink blog", where she writes about nuclear physics research dissemination, clothing, fashion, interior an her daughter. In the media, she has advocated for greater scientific literacy and that media coverage of risks caused by radioactive radiation is often highly misleading.



Doors open for registration & morning coffee


TEDx Introduction

Session One: Technological Leaps

John Barrett - "An Internet of (Im)Possible Things"
Reidun Schlanbusch - "Emission Impossible – can we build without causing global warming?"
Christopher Hoftun - "Drilling on Mars"
TED video


Lunch Break

Session Two: Session 2: Daring to Redefine

KUUK - "Lessons We've Learned So Far"
Sanna Sarromaa - "A Norwegian Taboo - we are all alike"
T-Michael - "Sticking to the plot"
TED video


Coffee Break

Session Three: The Power of the Possible

TED video
Kristian Harby - "Moments of Change"
Sunniva Rose - "Could nuclear weapons save the planet?"
Mike Dongelmans - "Circular Economy - Fashion and Behaviour"


Closing statement


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